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Manicure: All my manicures include nail shaping and cuticle trimming, exfoliation and a rejuvenating moisturizing hand mask followed by massage. You can choose from regular polish or Gelish polish which is dry when immediately and won't chip for two weeks.
Regular Polish Manicure: $25:00
Gelish Polish: $35:00
French: $10:00
Pedicure: All my pedicures include soaking and callus removal, nail shaping and cuticle work, exfoliation and a rejuvenating moisturizing mask followed by massage. You can choose from regular polish or Gelish polish which is dry immediately and won't chip for two weeks or more.
Regular Polish Pedicure: $ 35:00
Gelish Polish Pedicure: $45:00
French: $10:00
Lash Tint: $15:00
Brow Tint: $15:00
Lash and Brow Combo: $25:00
Lash Extensions
This is the newest hottest cutting edge spa service. Each Lash extension is individually glued to your individual lash with a medical grade glue that will last from three weeks to two months. Say Good-Bye to mascara smear.
Lash Extension: $100:00 (1 1/2 - 2 hour service)
Lash Fill: $45:00 (recommended every 3 - 4 weeks for amazing lasting results)
I wax with both soft and hard wax depending on your skin and the area being waxed. Highly sanitary and professional standards are what you can always expect .
Brow: $10:00
Upper Lip: $10:00
Chin: $8:00
Face: $18:00
Underarm: $12:00
Half Arm:18:00
Bikini: $18:00
Brazilian: $40.00
Mini Brazilian: $35.00
Chest: $40:00
Back: $40:00
Half Leg: $20:00
Full Leg: $40:00
Your facials will be done using the original Hungarian Organic product line 'ilike' Your face will feel the difference. Every facial is personalized to your skin and includes: cleanse, steam, exfoliate and extractions, followed by massage and mask and protective moisturizer. This will be an hour of bliss
Body Treatments
Back Massage: (half hour) $35:00
45 Minute Back, Shoulder, Scalp Massage: $40.00
Relaxation Massage: (one hour) $50:00
Indian Head Massage: An ancient east indian therapy of the head neck and shoulders using massage to stimulate and revive while activating accupressure points. Known to renew mental clarity while reducing headaches and strains. (half hour) $45:00
Sugar Scrub: I use organic natural ingredients to exfoliate your skin to silky smoothness then I moisturize using ilike lotion and oil, finishing with a light relaxing massage. The whole treatment lasts one and a half hours of awe...$85:00
Slimming De-Tox Body Wrap: This is the same type of treatment that the movie stars use before going to any big event. It cleanses and detoxifys the skin but also tightens and tones away inches.
Only natural ingredients are used
Reflexology: An ancient approach to health. Through a foot reflexology massage virtually every part of the body will be renewed. A relaxing and safe treatment lasting 1 hour will bring you renewed vitality and health while reducing symptoms of illness and pain from your life. $50:00
Ion Cleanse De-Tox: In todays toxic environment tissue acid wastes, chemical and heavy metal residues build up in the body faster than ever before resulting in greater incidence of allergies and mental and physical incapacitation. Today we are hearing more about herbal and homoeopathic detox programs by alternative health practitioners as a way of reducing symtomology and maintaining health. The ion cleanse detoxifies the body more effectively and faster than any herbal or fasting protocols, with little or no stress to the client. Properly used the ion cleanse provides a comfortable and relaxing way to rid the body of toxins without precipitating healing crisis and Hersheimer's reaction.
$35.00 each or a series of 3 for only $75.00
ion cleanse after
ear candling pic
Ear Candling: This is an ancient therapy to help restore health in the ears and surrounding tissues to balance the energy fields. Evidence of the ear candling or coning has been found all over the world, Egypt, China, Tibet, Mongolia, Russia, Aztec, Mayan and American native. Many different objects such as papyrus, clay, and leaves have been used for candling. It has often been used as a spiritual ceremony as well as a physical healing tool.
How does it work? Through heat and vacuum action due to the shape of the candle the whole ear area is effected and helped to alleviate headaches, blocked ears and sinus congestion. It is beleaved that the chimney effect may also aid in the extracting excess ear wax.
candling often helps other parts of the body due to the connection through acupressure points,
ear candling diagram
Package Specials
These packages are often seasonal and can change at any time, please call to see if your favorite is still available.
Sunshine Special:
Sunshine Pedi:
 You will receive a soothing lavender foot soak followed by a coconut sugar scrub. Then you will  transfer to a perfectly comfortable bed where your calluses are sanded away then all your nails and cuticles will receive all the attention they need. You will luxuriate with a massage ending with a sparkling polish for your toes.
Sunshine Mani:
 You will receive your hand exfoliation that contains natural acids to help fight sun damage, this can take years off the look of your hands. also a hydrating and healing treatment renewing your softness followed by a lovely coconut oil massage. Your nail and cuticles get all the attention they need followed by the polish of your choice. (French or shellac extra) 
Regular price $ 60.00 now ONLY $50.00
Super Summer Deluxe Facial 
You will receive a wonderful natural organic spa facial where many of the products are made in house. Your facial includes personalized skin analysis, and cleanse with refreshing healing aloe and honey cleanser.
Open your pores with steam and exfoliate away sun damaged skin with the exfoliate perfect for your skin. While your pores are open you will have the extractions done that your skin needs. You will be swept away with an organic mask perfect for your skin, relaxing while you receive my signature Indian Head Massage included in this special only. This massage is a spa favorite and goes beyond the classic facial massage relaxing the scalp, face, neck and shoulders. Your arms and hands also get attention with reflexology massage on the hands.
Your facial continues with refreshing natural toner and protective cream that is best for your skin.
Finishing by framing your face with the perfect brow, with waxing and shaping and tinting if needed.
This package regularly  $125.00 now ONLY $99.00
Summer Heal and Cleanse
We often over do it during the summer, Now is the perfect time for You to Renew, Heal and Cleanse.
Reflexology is an ancient healing art that totally relaxes you but also helps to regulate and balance your whole body with a 1 hour foot massage using acupressure points and specific massage movement.
Ion Cleanse De-Tox is a new technology that uses ions to pull toxins from your body. This is a painless, safe and effective way to rid your body of unwanted toxins that are always accumulating. A nice alternative fasting for people who cannot fast because of your busy schedule
OPTION A: 30 Minute back neck and shoulder massage is a great way to relieve stress.
These are the most common areas for stress  and pain that can be smoothed away with the magic touch of skilled hands. This massage ends with a hot towel cleanse.
OPTION B: De-Tox Slimming Body Wrap is a unique and effective way to use the skin to flush toxins. You will lay relaxing while de-toxifing clay mixture is brushed on your body as you are wrapped and kept warm and soothed. after 20-40 minutes the wrap is removed and all the clay is washed off with warm towels and your skin is lightly massaged.
Heal and Cleanse pkg A : regularly $120.00 now ONLY $ 95.00
Heal and Cleanse pkg B : regularly $ 180.00 now ONLY $ 135.00
This Package is Good for Your Soles,
 You will receive a soothing lavender foot soak followed by a coconut sugar scrub. Then you will  transfer to a perfectly comfortable bed where your calluses are sanded away then all your nails and cuticles will receive all the attention they need. You will luxuriate with a massage, ending with a sparkling polish for your toes
Ancient healing art the helps to heal and bring balance to your whole body through an hour long massage technique on your feet. This service is covered by some health insurance companies.
are you ready to be pampered for 1 hour 45 minutes
Regular Price : $85.00
Now Only $65.00,   
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